What Is PenKiller ? Side Effects Of Pen Killer

What Is PenKiller ? Side Effects Of Pen Killer
What Is PenKiller ?

What Is PenKiller ? Side Effects Of Pen Killer – How are you friends, I once again welcome you in our new article.  Friends, today we will tell you about penkiller in this article, if you also use pen killer then you should be careful because today we will tell you about the harm caused by pen killer and its side effects.if you also want to get information about Pen Killer and its side effects , then read the article till the last.

 Friends, all of you must have heard about pen killer, maybe many of you also use pen killer, friends, do you know that pen killer is harmful for us and more use of pen killer can kill our life?Today, in this article, we will tell you about some of the disadvantages of pen killer and its side effects, pen killer you can easily get it from any medical store,we use pen killer to reduce pain.  It happens many times when we all have unbearable pain, then we use a pen killer without consulting the doctor.

 What Is PenKiller ? 

 Friends, pen killer is a kind of medicine that people use to reduce pain, although in a very serious case doctor recommend to a pen killer, but people use a pen killer without consulting a doctor.  As a pen killer you use many drugs.

 There are many people who have pain in different parts of the body, pain in body parts is a common thing, mainly hand pain, foot pain, head pain, body pain, these are all simple things but when the pain  It is unbearable when people buy a pen killer from the shop to reduce the pain. For example, if you are having headache, then you eat any head pain medicine from the shop and for some time.  You also get rest.

 Many times it happens when there is pain in any part of our body and the pain is not tolerated, then we eat any pen killer to reduce the pain, but friends pen killer only has a significant effect like for some time.  The pain killer ends the pain, then the pain starts and we eat a pen killer again, thus we become addicted to the pen killer and we start using the pen killer as a drug.

 Side Effects Of Pen Killer

 Friends, it is absolutely true that pen killer causes many bad damage to our body. Pen killer causes many damage to our body. Some of the major side effects associated with pen killer are described below.

 Friends, if you use a pen killer in large quantities then you will have to face problems like constipation, stomach pain etc.

 People who use pen killers many times so your liver and kidney will be get damage.

 The person using the pen killer has a acidity problem.

 If you use pen killer more then you can also go into depression

 Using a pen killer can make you nervous and you will have problems sleeping.

woman who is pregnant and uses a pen killer, she has a very bad effect on her child, sometimes she gets miscarried.

 It has been found in research that the person doing more pen killer is more diluted in the blood, due to the thinner blood does not clot his blood clot and his blood flows continuously.

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 Using A Pen killer Can Cause Anemia

 Research has found that excessive use of pen killer also makes a difference in a person’s age.

 Excessive use of a pen killer can also cause asthma.

 So friends, this is some of the major side effects of pen killer, if you too use a penkiller excessively then you will also have to face these problems.


 Friends, there was little information for you, today we told you about the pen killer and also told about some of the major side effects of the pen killer. We hope that you would have liked this information if you want to find other similar information  Read our article regularly. thanks you very much