What Is Blue Light? How Is Blue Light Harmful

What Is Blue Light? How Is Blue Light Harmful To Our Eyes?
What Is Blue Light? How Is Blue

What Is Blue Light?  How Is Blue Light Harmful To Our Eyes? – What is blue light?  Friends, many people have commented and asked us about this topic.  Our article today is only for those who use smartphones and TVs all the day.  Friends, today we will give you information about blue light in this article.  If you also do not know about blue light, then you read our article till the last because on this article you will be given complete information about blue light.

 Hello friends how are you all?  I once again welcome all of you to our brand new article.  Friends, in this article today, we have brought a very important information related to your health.  In today’s article, we will tell you some important things related to your eyes.  In today’s article, you will be told in detail about what is blue light, the advantages of blue light and the disadvantages of blue light.

 Friends, in a recent medical survey, it has been revealed that the problems related to the eyes of people are increasing day by day.  Not only old but also young children are falling to eye problem, the main reason for which is to use smart phones and laptops throughout the day.

 Friends, many people are facing problems due to use of computers and laptops throughout the day.  There is only one reason behind these problems and that reason is blue light.  Friends, bluelight is an activity that people are not aware of, due to which people fall prey to bluelight and lose their eyes.

 Blue light is so harmful for us that if we fall prey to it then our eye light can go up.  Yes friends, bluelight is a very serious problem and you have to avoid this problem, otherwise you can also be blind.  Many people do not know enough about blue lights. If you also do not know about blue lights then do not have to worry because we will tell you in detail about blue lights today.

 What Is Blue Light?

 Friends, all of you will know that out of all the electronic gadgets, a dangerous beam comes out.  Blue light is a ray that emits from a smartphone LED computer laptop.  Friends, whenever we use computer or laptop or smartphone for a long time, the dangerous rays emanating from them affect the retina of our eyes.

 Blue light emitted from the screen of an electronic gadget affects and strikes the light reflective cells of our eyes.  When bluelight strikes our eye, at that time we get problems like head ache, eye pain, eye strain, swelling, red eye, but these problems gradually increase and the disease named glaucoma in our eyes.  Friends, glaucoma is a very dangerous disease.  The person who gets glaucoma has lost his eyesight and as of now there is no cure for glaucoma.

 So friends, you can understand in simple terms that bluelight is a very dangerous one which has a dangerous effect in our eyes and can blind us.

 Disadvantages Of Blue Light

 Friends, there are many types of bluelights in nature and not all bluelights are harmful.  A blue light is also found in sunlight but this blue light strengthens our memory and is beneficial for us.  Only the blue light emanating from the smartphone proves to be harmful for us which blinds us.

 If you also do not know the damage caused by blue light, then let us tell you what problems you may face with bluelight.

 We have severe illnesses like fatigue insomnia, sluggishness due to the effect of blue light.  Blue light has a very bad effect on our brain.

 Blue light directly attacks our eyes and blinds us.

 Friends, the hormone melatonin is found in our body.  This hormone helps us to get good sleep but if we use more mobile phones instead, then this hormone stops becoming and we do not sleep.

 Many people use mobile phones on the side at night.  By using a mobile phone on the side of the night, one of your eye lights disappears.

 Blue light has the greatest effect on young children.  As you all know, today’s children are addicted to mobile phones and they play games in mobile phones all day, but their use of mobile phones causes them to lose their eyes in childhood, which leads to bad effects in future.  

 Friends, these were some of the major disadvantages of blue light for you, if you are a victim of bluelight then you will have to face the loss.

 Ways To Avoid Blue Light

 Friends, there are many ways to avoid bluelight, if you adopt these remedies then you can avoid the dangerous damage caused by bluelight and save your eyes.  To avoid the effect of bluelight, below are some things you should read carefully and follow.

 Whenever you sleep at night, do not sleep with your phone under your head.  Keep your phone at 10 feet away from yourself while sleeping.

 Do not use a smartphone in the dark of night.  The power of blue light doubles in the dark of night. Whenever using a smart phone, the light should be lit in your background.

 Whenever you use a computer smartphone, keep it at least one and a half feet away from your eyes, if you are looking good small then increase the size of the letter.

 If you work on the computer for a long time, then keep taking breaks in between.  If you are continuously working on the computer for 1 hour, then take a break of at least 20 minutes.

 Whenever you use computer or smartphone for a long time, wear glasses on your eyes.

 Friends, these are the ways to avoid blue light, if you follow these precautions then you can easily avoid blue light.

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 Friends, this information ends here today.  Today we told you about the blue light and the damage caused by the bluelight and how to avoid it.  We hope you liked this information, if you want to get other similar information, then read our article daily.  Thank you very much for your valuable time.