There Are Many Benefits From Doing Yoga


Yoga has many benefits, it is a special and simple way to keep both body and mind healthy. Because of this, yoga is becoming increasingly popular among people all over the world. For years, new variations have been included to make this ancient physical and spiritual exercise more simple and interesting. Today we are telling you about some such unique yoga trends which are very popular in today’s time

Sup yoga

Super Yoga or Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga was started in the US in 2013, in which posture is practiced on the paddle board over water. When you learn to balance while on the board, your core muscles become stronger.


It is designed to strengthen the muscles and strengthen the hard areas of the body with mental and spiritual balance in men.


It is a type of fusion yoga that combines rugs with high intensity interval training (HIIT). Experts argue that HIIT yoga increases blood flow, improves heart health and reduces stretch on the knees and joints.


As the name suggests, this unique form of yoga gives light and color psychology techniques and brain stimulating music a multi-sensory experience. The blue light used in it works to boost energy, boost red light metabolism, and pink light relays the body.


This combination of yoga and Pilates, which includes both rigid postures and breathing techniques, is slowly becoming popular among enthusiasts. Yoglets are known to reduce weight, increase tone, and improve back and spine problems, in addition to improving flexibility.


Roga is specifically designed for runners and includes postures and breathing methods to aid their running ability, strength, endurance and mindfulness.

Slackline Yoga

This is a popular form of yoga among beginner balance trainers. It is exercised above the ground on a piece of one or two inches. Slacklining is a very good exercise for meditation.