How to Start a Pathology Lab ? How to Open Your own Pathology Lab ?

How to Start a Pathology Lab

How to Start a Pathology Lab ? How to Open Your own Pathology Lab ? – Friends, in this article today we are going to tell you how to open your pathology lab. If you also want to start your own pathology lab, then this article is going to prove very important for you. That is why the article must be read till the last.

Whenever we are sick, we have to go to the doctor to take medicine. If we have a mild cough, then the doctor gives us the medicine himself. But if our health gets worse then the doctor asks us to get tested. This test does not occur in a doctor’s medical store. There is a separate lab called Pathology Lab for this investigation. At present, new diseases are taking birth in the country. In such a situation, pathology labs have been opened in every city town where people are examined.

How to Start a Pathology Lab
How to Start a Pathology Lab

If you have taken a medical course and are interested in opening your pathology labs, you are not aware of it. So after reading today’s article, you will get complete information related to opening a pathology lab. After knowing that, you can also open your pathology lab.

What is a pathology lab ?

Before that, let us tell you the process of opening a pathology lab. The first thing you should know is what is a pathology lab? For your information, let me tell you that pathology lab is a special type of lab where the blood, cells, hemoglobin, tissue, urine, etc. of humans are examined thoroughly.

Doctors find the root of the disease before treating any disease. The cause of the disease is determined by pathology. In a pathology lab, it is known that all the cells or organs present inside the body are functioning properly or not.

Many times we face such a situation that we become very ill and the doctor is unable to detect the disease. In such a situation, the disease is detected by conducting an investigation. The pathology lab examines the body and detects the disease.

What is The Work Done Inside Pathology ?

If you open your pathology lab, then you will have to do many types of work inside it. The work to be done inside the pathology lab is explained in detail below.

  • The human body tissue is examined in a pathology lab. Most infections are spread through tissues, so doctors conduct examination through the pathology lab and diagnose the disease.
  • Blood and urine are examined inside the pathology lab so that if there is any problem, it can be detected.
  • Most diseases in the human body are detected by blood tests. Pathology mainly examines blood.
  • In pathology, the amount of cholesterol and glucose present in the human body is also examined and related disease is detected.
  • If there is any type of infection in the human body, then it is examined in the pathology lab to detect the infection.
  • In forensic pathology, the dead body is examined, in which the cause of death of the person is ascertained.

Who can open a pathology lab ?

Before opening a pathology lab, we all get the idea that who can open a pathology lab. If you want to know who can open a pathology lab, then tell us for your information, no ordinary person can open a pathology lab. To open a pathology lab, it is mandatory to have a pathologist’s certificate. There are also some technicians working in pathology who should also have a certificate. If you have not obtained a certificate but want to open a pathology lab, then you will have to hire a certified pathologist in your pathology lab.

Before opening a pathology lab, you should have knowledge of the medical field. If you have worked in a pathology lab in the past, then it will be very good for you. If you are completely unaware of the medical line, then you should not open a pathology lab, because inside it the whole work is related to the medical, about which you must be aware.

Cost to open a pathology lab

No matter where we start a business, we have to make some investment in every business. Some businesses start with less investment while some businesses have to invest more. If we talk about the investment in the pathology lab, then you should have at least ₹ 2000000 only then you can open a pathology lab. There are state-of-the-art machines inside the pathology lab which cost a lot. That is why you will have to spend more money.

Where to open pathology lab

Location plays a very important role in starting any business. If you do not choose the right location, then opening your pathology lab will be of no use. You can choose the hospital main market to open a pathology lab.

It is very good to open a pathology lab near the hospital. You must have at least 300 square feet of space to open a pathology lab. In 300 square feet you can also open a good pathology lab.

Machine for pathology lab

In the past we have told you that very modern machines are used inside the pathology lab. They test our body, separate machine to check blood, separate machine to check glucose, separate machine to check urine. You will need all these machines. You can buy the machines attached to the facilities which you want to provide inside your pathology lab according to your needs and your budget.

The conclusion

Today in this article we told you how to open a pathology lab? Today we gave you complete information related to opening a pathology lab. Hope you like this information. Share this article with your friends too. Many thanks for reading the article to others. Good Day