Four Exercises will Benefit your Health

Four Exercises will Benefit your Health

Exercises will Benefit your Health the top of the body. Doing exercises related to the upper body makes the body shapely. These exercises mainly play a role in making the chest, arms and back muscles, as well as give strength to the torso. We are telling you about three such exercises which can be done easily at home.

Four Exercises will Benefit your Health

T Rotation

Get into the pushup position, both your hands will be held up from the ground. Now move your right hand up and rotate the body outward and inward, slanting towards the right. In this case, the body will form a letter ‘T’ in English. Now come to the start position. Do this exercise by raising the left hand and rotating the left part of the body. Repeat ten times on one side.

Side Plank Dip

To do this, first you have to come to the side alvo plank position, in which the weight of your body will be on the left arm and left leg, the right leg will be adjacent to the left leg. Now inhaling, bend your right buttock down until it reaches near the ground. Now while exhaling, lift the buttock bone (pelvis) and move the body to the start position. Do this exercise ten times on one side.

Side Jack Knife

Lie on the ground with your right foot, the left leg will be in a state of rest above the right foot. Place your left hand behind the head and the right hand will remain on the stomach in a relaxed state. Now lift your torso and move your left leg up. At the same time, drag your left elbow towards the left leg. Try to stay in this position for a few seconds and then come back to the return position. Repeat this exercise ten times on one side.

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How to warm yourself up before you start exercising

Exercises done only with body weight without any equipment are called bodyweight exercises. These exercises exercise the entire body, so they are first done as a warm-up. People of all levels can do these exercises, whether they start exercising after a long time or exercise every day. Today we are telling you about three such bodyweight exercises which you have to do ten to 15 times in two sets.


In this, the coordination has to be done between the core area of ​​the body and the back part so that the whole body is seen to form a bridge. This is a great exercise for warm-up. To do this, you lie down on the ground on your back, knees will be bent and the paw will be straight on the ground. Keep both hands upright on the ground. Now try to cover the core area of ​​the body towards the feet. Raise your backside above the ground until the buttock is fully lifted. Now return to the start position and repeat the exercise.

Chair Squat

Stand in front of the chair, both legs and arms will be open and the claws will be partially outward. Carry the weight of the body on the buttock and bend the knee. Now move the lower part so that it touches the surface of the chair. Both your hands will be open at the front, now do pushups on the feet and return to the return position.