20 Formula to Stay Healthy


Today we are going to give you 20 such formula to stay healthy, by following which you can stay away from diseases, so let’s start.

1- Must wash hands before sitting for food.

2- Food should be reduced from hunger and use green vegetables, seasonal fruits.

3 – Chew plenty of food and eat it because teeth work should not be taken from the intestines.

4- Water should be drunk after 1 hour after having meal.

5- Drinking whey at the end of meal.

6- Must rinse teeth after taking food.

7- Minor should be taken after meals.

8- As far as possible, you should avoid things made with fine flour.

9- Tea, coffee, cocoa and bottles of water should be avoided.

10- Beers of alcohol, cigarettes, bidis, tobacco, cannabis, hashish should be avoided.

11- Fasting for 1 day in a week should be done by drinking lemonade.

12- Food should be taken only twice a day in the morning and in the evening.

13- While eating and sleeping, do not worry about anger or hobbies.

14- Bathing with cold water while bathing, rub it with a cloth and then rub it with dry towels to warm the body

15- Sun bath should be done according to Shakti, it provides vitamin D in the body.

16- Wash and wipe your feet before going to bed, read a good health-related book, remembering your favorite god, sleep helps you to sleep well.

17- Solid food of the night should be done 3 hours before bedtime, finish the meal 1 hour before consuming milk.

18- Pranayam should be done for 5 to 10 or minutes according to your power after daily work.

19- Massage oil should be done once a week.

20- Sleep should not be covered while sleeping.